Marie Bancks


Marie Bancks

Opening 5 December 17-21

Exhibition 5-20 December 2014 Wednesday-Saturday 13-17

Ok Corral Malttorvet 2 1799 Copenhagen V New Carlsberg village

Symptoms are signs placed outside of normality. Psychological or physical indications of an undesirable state of being. Psychological symptoms can be triggered by trauma or stress. They can even emerge through time and gradually lead to changed personality and alien thought patterns. In Marie Bancks exhibition “Symptom” a woman figures who suffers from a neurosis. She experiences her body being so brittle as to break at the slightest touch. She can`t walk on the floor without risking that the soles of her feet shatter. She can`t touch anything hard as her hands are made of glass. Finally she can neither eat nor drink. She is taken to a mental Institution and treated with the latest treatments. She is cured of all her symptoms. The human mind is comprised of irrational thought patterns as they leap haphazardly in time and space, mood and intension in split directions. From a scientific point of view we do not yet know what a thought really is, or how it emerges. In the exhibition ”Symptom” Marie Bancks investigates and experiments with traditional but ambiguous expressions in an museum like setup. The exhibition is comprised of objects and paintings .The materials are; iron, wood, mirror glass and oil painting. Marie Bancks, born 1978, Sweden. Lives and works in Copenhagen. OK Corral is an artist run project space and studio community housed in the Red Warehouse, a former workshop building in Carlsberg City, Copenhagen. The breadth of the OK Corrals interdisciplinary projects range from solo and group exhibitions with national and international artists, open university to cooperation with local and international artist-run spaces.